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Showreels & Our Work

We've been doing what we do for more than 30 years. At the heart of what has kept us going that long is a deep desire to keep learning, strive harder and to grow great relationships with our clients.

Whatever your goal, you can be certain that we're on the same journey with you and have the same desire to see you succeed.

Agency Inc. - Michelin Air Compressor Video

Feel the Power of Professional Video

understand ∙ deliver ∙ impress

What We Provide 


Project Planning

With years of experience we know how best to help you get your project off the ground. We're expert at working to most budgets.


Lights, Camera, Action

Technology in our industry moves very fast. Keeping up with technology has always been important to us and - we believe - allows us to add value to your project.


Edit / Post Production

Our commitment to technology follows though into the post environment. We're proud of our ability to be quick and flexible without compromising quality.



We have worked on a huge variety of different projects with a vast array of differing audiences, uses and outputs. Even if you're looking for a tricky solution, we can almost certainly help.

We offer a comprehensive array of services, from the planning stage, to post-production and delivery. You can count on the utmost in professionalism and creativity in all that we do.

We Understand,
We Create,
We Impress

Still Frame Grab fro TP Corporate Video

Our Sectors

We bring our expertise to multiple sectors, always thinking outside the box to deliver results that matter.

Engaging corporate videos which follow your digital strategy – helping your business to create and promote fresh, exciting content.


​Corporate videos are a tremendously powerful medium and are one of the most effective and efficient ways to drive traffic and interest directly to your company.

Still frame from TP Corporate Video

Freehand has, over the years, gained something of a reputation for producing high-quality Fitness and Lifestyle programmes. We are market leaders in fitness video production and have produced over 100 projects for prominent labels featuring well-known fitness gurus and celebrities.

Still frame from Mimi Kuo-Deemer Qigong Seasons Filming
Still frame from Whitstable Pearl EPK Video

We offer a full range of EPK and Behind the Scenes programme making services. We’ve worked with some of the best known production companies, creating well crafted and insightful materials for productions across the UK and abroad. 

360-degree video and virtual reality are often overlooked as 'gimmicky'. We believe that - in its place - there are few better ways to really engage your audience. We specialise in crafting stunning 360-degree virtual tours for our clients including for restaurants, hotels, real estate, showrooms, and businesses of all kinds.

Still frame from Real Immersive 360 display

We know how important it is that your event is captured perfectly, so that you or your client can leverage or cascade the content to non-attendees, produce highlight videos or generate interest in future events. 

Still frame from Gartner Event Coverage

Our award winning dedicated authoring team provide an all-encompassing DVD and Blu-ray authoring service. Using high end encoding software coupled with the Sonic Solutions industry leading Scenarist SD and Scenarist BD Authoring systems, we have produced more than 5,000 titles over the past 25 years.

Menu Design from Line of Duty created by Freehand

Providing the expertise and  creative solutions across all areas of Digital Signage, to excite customers and engage the widest audience.

Picture of Calvin Klein Digital SIgnage Solution by Freehand
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