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Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell - Acorn

From a design point of view we were really happy how this DVD project turned out. The DVD cover artwork - which is the starting point for most menu designs - featured the main photo on a blue background.

We felt however that the menus needed something more to encapsulate the gothic feel of this Mystical, and slightly spooky, TV series. We Applied a leather texture to the background and the gold coloured framing device was a photoshop brush we had been dying to use for sometime.

As mirrors featured in the programme (as a device used to transmit mystical powers) we decided that on the chapters screen we'd use a nice gothic looking frame (we found a reference image on an auction site) to hold images of the actors to add interest.

Finishing off we had been supplied with the original book artwork which featured a icon of a Crow (which again featured heavily in the series) we cut out the crow and used it as the navigation highlight.


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