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Fitness & Lifestyle

At Freehand we have gained a reputation for our fitness and lifestyle video production.

We have over 100 projects to our name featuring well-known fitness gurus and celebrities. Our expertise and experience has enabled us to develop really efficient workflows, which we use time and again to create impressive and informative fitness productions.


We specialise in producing yoga, fitness, and and others lifestyle programmes for all your applications.



Huge amount of experience in a field which requires a lot of nuanced understanding.


Your Secret Weapon

We can assist you through the entire production process. Pre-production through creative idea generation, scripting, locations, filming, editing to final completion of your project.

We're the experts so you don't have to be.


Latest Equipment

Using the latest 6K industry-leading equipment to produce high-quality Fitness and Lifestyle programmes



Fully scalable from single camera, single day all the way up to multi-day, multi-camera shoots at multiple locations in the UK and abroad.


Whatever Your Needs

Tailored output for you application from broadcast down to mobile app and everything in between.



We understand this market and can help advise you on best practices and what works in this industry.


Showreels & Projects

Check out some of our latest work, to see what we have been up to.

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