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Sword Health Move App

Sword Health wanted to find a video partner with experience to help generate content for their new app "Move" and contacted Freehand early on in this project.


300 x 30 second exercises for an exercise library involving 4 male and female trainers.

31 x 30 second baseline exercises tests.

39 x 2 minute exercise classes performed by 5 different instructors.

50 x 6 to 24 minute full exercise classes performed by 5 different instructors.


Pre-production started quickly, as the time scales were tight, our first step was to acquire 2 different locations and 9 instructors from different genres, HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, Dance, etc, and of different ethnicities and of different body shapes.

Step 2 involved working with Sword and the Instructors to create the 10 hours of exercise routines spanning across the different genres.

We broke the filming in to 2 blocks, Block 1 the Exercise library and the Baseline Tests and Block 2 the classes. Both blocks were multi-cam shoots with photography of the artists as an addition.

For Block 1 we managed to secure a location inside one of retail outlets within the O2, This gave us the clean white wall look that the client was after, as these routines were all without sound, this made this location possible.

We filmed 160 exercises per day with 2 instructors per day, and with lots of pre-production the days ran smooth.

For Block 2 a 4 day shoot in January with train strikes and exceptionally cold weather, we found a beautiful wedding barn near Farnham.

Our 5 instructors performed their classes over the 4 days with the help from a computerised prompt system that we devised to make filming quicker and easier for our artists.

These classes were filmed with vocal instructions, we went with audio headsets to keep the sound levels as consistent as possible.

As the 4 days flew by, we ticked off class by class until, by 5:00pm on the 4th day we ticked off the final class and called a wrap, the whole production had run to the minute of the tough schedule.

About: Sword Health is a health care company that provides virtual and digital physical therapy. Founded in Portugal in 2015 by Virgílio Bento and Márcio Colunas.

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