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DHL EV TV - Episode 7 Formula E Special

Having recently just aired, the timing seems right to write a short blog about this amazing episode for DHL.

Working hand in hand with one of favourite partner agencies Sure Creative we set about the logistics of visiting the ABB FIA Formula E Championship in Rome, to find out about the future advancement of EV tech in the motorsports world, and also what happens logistically behind the scenes to enable this travelling circus to move around the world.

EV TV is here to explore the EV future and discover what is evolving in the world of electric vehicles. This series of electric vehicle videos will look at all aspects of EV technology, myths, and logistics. We will investigate electric vehicle range, batteries, benefits and how this will all impact the environment.

Our quick 3 Day stop was in fairness one of the most interesting projects we have done to date, speaking to Jamie Reigle the CEO of Formula E, getting access to the pit lanes and chances to quiz the minds of the team bosses, drivers and engineers has lead to a fascinating episode. In fact there was too much great material that Episode 7 has become Episodes 7 & 8.

The team comprised Matt Wright and Alex Warner from Freehand, along with Brendan Coogan and Jean Eva Sainte Claire our presenters and our producer Richard Collison.

Hosted by the ever cheery, ever professional Brendan Coogan (Yes, it is Steves brother), we set about crafting this fact filled episode.

Of particular interest was the logistics involved in moving everything including cars from city to city in the most CO2 friendly manner. Formula E is a nett zero carbon sport and understanding the implications of this and the logistics solutions was incredible.

I can highly recommend watching all the episodes to find out about all things EV.


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