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Gartner Symposium ITXPO

Gartner, the technological research and consulting business, chose Freehand as one of their AV partners for the huge Gartner Symposium ITXPO event held annually in Barcelona.

The event hosts over 9,000 attendees in the vast International Barcelona Convention Center. Over the course of 4 days our brief was four fold;

Record Presentations - We recorded dozens of presentations over the four days. This was no easy feat as the venue is almost half a kilometre from one end to the other. These recordings were to be used by us and the marketing team as potential material for promotional edits as well as learning points for the Gartner team.

Shooting B-roll for Marketing Video - All the while we covered the entire event, dozens of rooms, filming delegates and meetings, people interacting as well as timelapse's and 360-degree videos in order to create a teaser video for the event the following year.

Conduct Interviews with Attendees - We conducted lots of interviews over the four days both Vox-pop style and more formal style sit down. These interviews would go on to form marketing materials for next years event.

Liaise with AV Teams - We worked closely with the main AV team who were recording audio from all of the rooms over all four days. This amounted to hundreds of presentations which we collated for use by the marketing team.

Freehand supplied a 3 man on-site team to cover the event.


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