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The Pale Horse - Agatha Christie Limited

Agatha Christie Limited (ACL) contacted Freehand through some old friends with a view to creating BTS and EPK material for their upcoming TV epic The Pale Horse.

The Pale Horse (staring Rufus Sewell, Kaya Scodelario, Bertie Carvel and Sean Pertwee) is a classic Agatha Christie with a supernatural twist!

Working closely with Executive Producer Basi Akpabio it was decided that Freehand would make a several visits to the production of The Pale Horse in oder to get all the materials that ACL wanted.

One of the times we visited we sent a single camera and operator on location to get behind the scenes b-roll from one of the key scenes in the production - the village fete. Clearly this was going to be a busy day for the production team so it was decided that we'd make no attempt to do any interviews on this day but could not miss the opportunity to get some excellent b-roll from a key scene.

Another time we sent a team to Bristol where we spent the morning conducting interviews with key cast members at their hotel. After lunch the team moved on location - further in to town - to get more BTS from scenes that were being shot in Bristol. This was a great opportunity to really showcase how hard the art department in particular had been working as, being a period piece, a whole street had been transformed back to the 1950's.

The final day was all about finally catching up with the main man, Rufus Sewell. Mr. Sewell's schedule had been so demanding that it all came down to this one opportunity to interview him during his lunch break - on set.

So it was back down to Bristol, this time to The Bottle Yard Studios where the main set (apartment) had been built.

Being a working set there the was only minutes for us to set up ready for Rufus once lunch had been called, and him being ready to interview - and we still had to leave enough time for him to get some lunch too.

Everything went smoothly and Mr. Sewell got his lunch. We had the rest of the day to get b-roll from a third location before heading back to Surrey.

We had so much great material that it was a task in itself boiling this down to sensible deliverables. ACL had a very clear idea of what they wanted to a achieve and our editor worked closely with Base and his team to produce several very high quality interviews and BTS stories from the production.


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