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Game - National In-store Rollout

Freehand are proud to have worked with GAME since 2013 initially providing a digital signage solution to replace costly instore static print. In a rapidly changing retail environment GAME needs to react quickly to bundled promotions and price changes – using print at the POS took too long to create and send out to their 320 stores nationwide.

Freehand installed a total of over 1,200 screens and video walls in windows and behind counters in select flagship stores.

Our solution was to install four screens in each store - each display powered by a BrightSign media player and connected to our Freehand Cloud Network - allowing for near-instant remote content updates from Freehand.

During 2018 GAME rolled out Belong gaming arena’s where groups of gamers can play the latest games using powerful hardware against each other and other arenas around the country.

The latest arena to open is in Westfield Stratford where Freehand worked closely with GAME contractors to bring their 36 Samsung screen videowall back to life.


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