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One of our specialities is the ever-impressive Video Wall - a display created by mounting various screens together to create one extra large format display. 

Video Walls have the added bonus of being typically brighter than a standalone screen, with more flexibility in size and creativity. Content can be mapped to play across the entire display or separately on each screen. 

Have a look at some of our work below.


Video Wall Sefridges Logo
Video Wall Selfridges EyeSee Videowall
Video Wall Selfridges No Noise Videowall
Video Wall Selfridges Whispering Window Videowall
Video Wall Selfridges London Fashion Week Videowall

Selfridges flagship Oxford Street store are renowned for their innovative window and instore schemes with designers, fashionistas and tourists flocking to see their latest designs.​ Freehand are proud to have worked with Selfridges for a number of years supplying AV and digital signage solutions from single screens to multiple videowalls.

Here are just a few of the projects…..

EyeSee campaign – a glimpse into the multifaceted world of eyewear and beyond. Celebrating the launch of brand-new sunglasses and optical destination at Selfridges London (opening at the end of July 2018), showcasing this season’s most eye-catching frames and taking a look at the world through a new lens.

The videowalls and digital signage screens were installed in cooperation with specialist retail design company PropAbility ( with the content remotely managed and updated on the Freehand Cloud.

One installation was a 3x3 video-wall as part of their "No Noise" initiative. The campaign was run to give shoppers a unique, calming experience in retail.

The video-wall went alongside the removal of labels from brands and the addition of meditation pods to give customers a chance to pause and reflect, and gain "peace and tranquility". 

Another installation is part of a £300 million redevelopment of the eastern corner of the Oxford Street store which includes Window 3. This window has always been used to display Selfridges own-brand messaging, including events and themes.

For this upgrade, we installed a 4K 2x2 55" High-Bright DynaScan video-wall mounted behind the glass with a vinyl wrapping surround, alongside two Feonics "Whispering Windows" for hidden audio output. The screens are controlled by a single BrightSign XT1143 4K Media Player controlled remotely over our Freehand Enterprise Network for near-instant content updates, scheduling and sequencing.

Selfridges' instore VM team were looking for an innovative way to promote new designers work for London Fashion Week in the Womens Wear department. After a number of meetings, visuals and tests a screen wall fixture design was approved showing catwalk video of designers collections.

The 3 x 4 screen fixture was constructed in the Freehand workshop using 24” monitor screens. 

Charlotte Wray, Visual Merchandiser – Womens Wear comments “Digital Signage screens and fixtures like this reinforces the designer brand and our partners can re-use their catwalk video content. Freehand consistently works with our teams and reliably supports our designs which at times we might think impossible”.

Video Wall Stella McCartney Logo
Video Wall Stella McCartney High Bright Videowall
Video Wall Stella McCartney Mosaic Videowall

We created a 3x3 video-wall in partnership with Stella McCartney to promote their campaign regarding sustainable viscose, a common material used in clothing.

The video-wall was located in Selfridges London, using high-bright screens to engage pedestrians. A promotional video for the campaign was played across the screens with examples of sustainable viscose clothing on display.

The VM team at Stella McCartney have worked with Freehand for a number of years delivering innovative visual technologies in window designs. The VM team wanted to use screens to display their video with a re-cycling message in store windows that is different, eye-catching and with the added complication of rolling-out in the windows of key global flagship stores. 

The Stella McCartney website mission statement states “We are committed to operating a modern and responsible business.  A video of the SS2018 collection was shot on the beach with an underlying environmental message to reduce the use of plastic bottles to save the planet”.

Freehand proposed a mosaic layout of screens which could be used in different size store windows.

Following discussions with the VM team, developing visuals and tests for a random mosaic of different size screens hung in landscape and portrait LG screens hung from the ceiling.

Working with Neon Circus a fabrication company Freehand supplied the different size screens with DataPath FX4-H videowall processors whose design app allowed us to design accurately configurations that captured to required message and viewer experience.

The screen mosaic solution using Datapath videowall processors was rolled out to eleven flagship stores across Europe, US and Asia on time and within budget.

Laura Gramston comments “This project was particularly challenging delivering the screen mosaic solution to stores on different continents and time zones. Freehand provided valuable support to our local integration partners to ensure we launched on time and synchronized with the city Fashion Week”.

Video Wall Urban Outfitters Logo

For Urban Outfitters in London we created a 7 panel video-wall consisting of two 55" Samsung screens, three Samsung 46" screens and two Iiyama 32" screens.

Urban Outfitters partnered with Adidas to promote one of their shop windows, wrapping the entire window in black Adidas vinyl, with a cut-out in the middle featuring our video-wall display. 

The content was digitally mapped to each panel, so the content fit correctly across the entirety of the 7 screens.

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