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Video Recording


We can help you reach your audience wherever they are – simultaneously stream your live events via social media, embedded on your site, and anywhere else your audience is tuned in.

Freehand Video Production in Surrey specialises in live streaming, we are able to use our experience and talent to bring you a whole new level of interactivity with your customers and audience. Live streaming has become a cost-effective and safe option to help you deliver your key messages – internal messages to staff, new product launches, or live social media interviews etc. – to where you want them.

The opportunities that live streaming can provide you are endless, enabling you to...

  • ​Broadcast your events in full HD with adaptive streaming – giving your viewers the best quality across all devices. And when your event is over, it’s auto-archived in up to 4K

  • Boost viewer involvement with a suite of powerful, easy-to-use live engagement tools — including live Q&A, live polls, audience chat, email capture, and custom calls-to-action

  • Reduce your carbon footprint – virtual events can be just as engaging as live events and do away with the need to travel over the world 


  • Engage your staff – your live stream audience will be actively engaged if they are given the means and tools to interact


  • Extend the reach of even your smallest events – reaching a larger audience while still maintaining an intimate experience


  • Grow future attendance – live streaming provides great opportunities to encourage future attendance at events


  • Repackage and repurpose your content – live streaming provides excellent content that can be repurposed into social media; teaser videos, or internal communications tool to reinforce key company messages


  • Maximise the return on your event – because of its extended reach, live streaming offers a low ‘cost per head’

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At Freehand, we have the know-how, technical expertise, and knowledge to produce and stream all of your events and we are not limited by audience size.  

We can offer features such as:

  • multi-camera solutions

  • live voting

  • polling

  • Q&A sessions


You will have the added security of knowing that everything is password protected and with our fast turnaround service, we are able to get you up and running very quickly.

We have invested in the latest live screening equipment – from a simple single-camera set up to six-camera vision mixed TV-quality streaming, live 360 immersive cameras, and 360 live streaming to your audiences wearing 360 headsets or using an iPhone or laptop.

We also work very closely with BigBlue8 – conference and events production professionals – who are specialists in set design, speaker training, and delivering the right message.

For more information on our live streaming services or to get a quote, why not contact us today...

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