Pushing Boundaries to Engage Your Audience Using Digital Signage

Dynamic Digital Signage with audience interaction

At Freehand, we understand how good content is the key driver behind a meaningful ROI when using digital signage in any situation. During the last 10 years, digital signage has become a cost-effective alternative to traditional print, and as a result businesses of all sizes are looking to adopt this digital platform and maximize its potential.

When used correctly, the result is a fantastically powerful (and flexible) means of communicating with the target audience. However in an attempt to see the fastest ROI, many marketing execs are focusing more on commissioning traditional video/animated content with maximum bells and whistles rather than content that engages their audience and delivers the key message. Without that focus, no media (let alone digital signage) is going to work.

So let’s take a step back and address the following four questions -

  • Who is your target audience and what are they interested in?

  • What is your objective, is to increase sales/promotion or is it to inform? Often the most successful route is to use a bit of both. An audience may well switch off if all they see is sell, sell, sell which is why a mix of sales/promotion and a live news/weather/traffic feed often works really well.

  • Where is the digital signage situated? Is it in an area with high foot fall (so the audience is transient) or alternatively in an area where customers are (perhaps) in a holding area? If the audience is transient then repeat the primary messages on a short loop. Conversely the audience will quickly tire of a short loop if they are being held in front of the screen.

  • When will your content be shown, does the audience demographic change at different times of day? Is it worth scheduling playlists to coincide with these demographic shifts?

When combined, the answers to these questions form an important part of your digital content strategy. However, one of the greatest advantages of using digital signage over traditional print is that digital signage is a dynamic platform and the majority of users are just scratching the surface when it comes to the really clever stuff!

Gender detection using a tiny camera close to the screen means that you are actually able to dynamically target certain content at a particular audience. Similarly using this technology it’s possible to select content/wording to suit a younger audience if a child is in front of the screen.

Incorporating a live image of someone who is standing in front of the screen into the content being shown on the digital signage is another means of increasing audience engagement. This form of dynamic immersion can be a real attention grabber and will often result in a crowd forming around the screen.

Using gender/age detection is pretty clever, but what if it were possible to show content that is actually based on a customer’s purchase history? Using beacons, you can do just that. Beacon enabled mobile apps are able to communicate with a store database and as a result generate relevant messaging to either the customer’s smart phone or a nearby screen.

In 2016, digital signage is no longer a passive delivery format. Using the technology described above it’s possible to show the right content to the right audience. At Freehand, our digital signage team are at the forefront of these technologies and are providing a broad range of clients with the technology AND the content to make digital signage an investment rather than a cost. Make the technology work for you, call Mike Fabian on 01483 200111 or email mike.fabian@freehand.co.uk for more information.

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