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Retail Signage is our most popular Digital Signage service. This is partly due to our impressive portfolio of industry-leading brands - more information on these projects can be found below.

We have the capability to design, install, maintain and service retail digital signage solutions, that are either standard fit or custom-made to our clients requirements. 

Thanks to a multitude of suppliers, we can offer screens, stands, mounting solutions and other signage accessories from a wide range of brands, such as but not limited to Samsung, LG, Absen, Dynascan, BrightSign and Peerless, from 32" to 98" single-screens.

Looking for single-screen Digital Signage on a budget? We have a bundle available here

Otherwise, have a look at our case studies below.

Retail Signage Midnight Club Logo
Retail Signage Adidas Logo
Retail Signage Adidas RFID Fixture
Midnight Club – Adidas RFID fixture


Freehand recently worked together with Midnight Club to provide pick-up and place technology into an instore fixture installed into the recently opened four-storey 27,000sq ft flagship on London's Oxford Street which it called its "most digital store to date". With over 100 digital touch points and even interactive changing room mirrors,


Freehand developed the app using BrightSign ( and integrated Nexmosphere ( RFID products.


The fixture enhances the customer experience where a shoe is picked-up and placed onto the desk and immediately the built-in screen displays more specifications of the shoe and how to customise it.

Retail Signage Adidas RFID FixtureCS_Adidas07.jpg
Retail Signage Sefridges Logo

Selfridges flagship Oxford Street store are renowned for their innovative window and instore schemes with designers, fashionistas and tourists flocking to see their latest designs.​ Freehand are proud to have worked with Selfridges for a number of years supplying AV and digital signage solutions from single screens to multiple videowalls.

​Selfridges New Order LED Project


Working with partners Pioneer and Genix, we created captivating In-store digital displays as part the Iconic Oxford Street Store’s ‘New Order’ marketing Campaign, which celebrates the Digital Revolution.

​The Challenge


In addition to the windows, the flagship London location wanted to bring the campaign into the heart of the store, specifically the iconic Beauty hall on the Ground-floor. This included digital banners being hung from the ceiling’s 100+ year beams.

LED was specified not only for it’s quality of display and brightness, but also for it’s flexibility, as Mike Fabian, Director at Freehand explains ‘LED provides a number of flexibilities, in so far as you can build a screen in any shape or size you want.’ Another aspect of the project was installation at the store’s Information Desk, ‘For the information desk installation we had to provide 2 column displays, and with conventional screens, you just couldn’t do that.’


The Solution


Mindful of the building’s historic infrastructure, Pioneer Group worked to create four LED hanging displays. Originally these were designed as back to back screens, however due to issues with weight and the building’s restrictions, it was decided LED would only be interfaced on one side. For the other, London print agency, Genix, were commissioned to design canvas lightboxes.

Using 9x 480mm x 540mm panels in 3.75mm pixel pitch LED, Pioneer built 1440mm (W) x 1620mm (H) screens in a custom designed and manufactured frame. For the column displays at The Information Desk, 8 x 2.5mm pixel pitch LED cabinets were used to construct 640mm (W) x 2880mm (H) screens.

Content is displayed through individual BrightSign Media Plays integrated within each display. Each player is networked via 4G router to provide connection, thus enabling each screen’s video content to be perfectly synchronized, as well as allowing for remote control.


The Conclusion


All teams came together to provide a truly collaborative venture as Mike explains ‘Working with Pioneer and Genix really was a 3 cornered installation team. Freehand were project managing, Pioneer were providing their engineering expertise and Genix their specialism in print and graphics.’ All three companies united to provide a dynamic multimedia platform which perfectly encapsulated the forward-thinking New Order Campaign as Mark Childerhouse adds on working with Selfridges ‘It was a privilege to work with such a unique and visionary brand. What is unique about this project is that we have a LED display and a lightbox combined together, so actually integrating the two pieces of technology and display systems.’

Retail Signage Selfridges Bright New Things Cone

​Bright New Things


Every year Selfridges showcases new design talent and as part of their ongoing commitment to Buying Better / Inspiring Change - emerging talent initiative - Bright New Things – is back.


Each designer’s collection is presented on a portrait screen that is integrated into the fixture.


Freehand worked closely together with the Selfridges Design team to ensure the digital signage screens were mounted easily and would stand out on the shop floor.


Elliss – a BNT screen is fixed on the top of a giant orange cone – not to be missed!

Retail Signage Selfridges Bright New Things Screen
Retail Signage Selfridges Bright New Things Totem
Retail Signage Midnight Club Logo
Retail Signage Adidas Logo
Retail Signage Adidas Treadmill with iPadg
Retail Signage Adidas Treadmill with iPad

Freehand is proud to have worked closely with The Midnight Club on a number of Adidas projects – from a pop-up product launch event in Shoreditch and the customer experience in a flagship store.


The Midnight Club and their sister company Midnight Sports are different design agencies focussing on the customer experience in Sports stores.


Freehand works closely with their creative teams to supply something out of the ordinary such as old fashioned Sony TV monitors configured into a wall.


Another challenging project was to install a videowall with an interactive iPad sales application in front of an exercise treadmill in the Adidas flagship store on Oxford Street.

Retail Signage Adidas Retro TVs
Retail Signage Adidas Videowall
Retail Signage Adidas Robot Videowall
Retail Signage Bravado Logo
Retail Signage Rolling Stones Logo
Retail Signage Rolling Stones Window VideowallCS_Rolling_Stones02.jpg

Freehand is proud to have worked closely with Bravado on their latest pop-up and shop-in-shop  concepts – in Selfridges newly opened Corner Shop and Carnaby Street, London.


The Rolling Stones were promoting their London No-Filter concerts and offering their latest merchandise for the many thousands of fans. As an exclusive – never been done before – their famous tongue was shown in Selfridges yellow.

Freehand worked closely with Selfridges, LG and Selfridges to build videowalls, back-to-back displays and editing iconic video of the Rolling Stones celebrating their longevity as they are still rocking !   

Another fun project for Freehand was to work with Bravado and LG installing all the AV and display technology in a new pop-up shop in Carnaby Street which continues to be London’s heart of fashion and music.

The pop-up gallery is opened in celebration of the Bohemian Rhapsody movie charting the story of the band featuring Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury.

Retail Signage Rolling Stones Window Videowall
Retail Signage Queen Window Videowall
Retail Signage Queen Drum Kit Videowall
Retail Signage Hackett Logo
Retail Signage Hackett Totem

Freehand has been working closely with Hackett for a number of years – delivering a number of different digital signage and AV based solutions. From videowalls in flagship stores to custom totem screen fixtures and bespoke store fixtures.

Our latest project Hello Summer 2018 was based around nearly 200 different cubes – with screens, light boxes, open and solid sprayed in four summer colours.

Later in the year Freehand re-conditioned and re-sprayed the boxes in Hackett blue and white and installed in Hackett Outlet stores.

Freehand handled all aspects from design to logistics for delivery and assembly instore in columns or pyramid formats in 22 flagship stores across the UK and Europe. In each screen cube there was a 22” monitor and basic media player with video updated from a USB stick.

Retail Signage Hackett Videowall
Retail Signage Hackett Videowall
Retail Signage Hackett Store
Retail Signage Game Logo
Retail Signage Belong Logo
Retail Signage Game Westfield Videowall
Retail Signage Game Store

Freehand are proud to have worked with GAME since 2013 initially providing a digital signage solution to replace costly instore static print. In a rapidly changing retail environment GAME needs to react quickly to bundled promotions and price changes – using print at the POS took too long to create and send out to their 320 stores nationwide.


Freehand installed a total of over 1,200 screens and video walls in windows and behind counters in select flagship stores.

Our solution was to install four screens in each store - each display powered by a BrightSign media player and connected to our Freehand Cloud Network - allowing for near-instant remote content updates from Freehand.

During 2018 GAME rolled out Belong gaming arena’s where groups of gamers can play the latest games using powerful hardware against each other and other arenas around the country.

The latest arena to open is in Westfield Stratford where Freehand worked closely with GAME contractors to bring their 36 Samsung screen videowall back to life.

Retail Signage Fortnum & Mason Logo
Retail Signage Fortnum & Mason Alice Through the Looing Glass Digital Signage

Teaming up with Disney, we created a bespoke window-based Digital Signage solution for Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly, London. 

The display was to advertise the Alice Through The Looking Glass movie in Fortnum & Mason's corner window.


Our solution was to install a high-bright Samsung 75" display, which was surrounded by a custom-made gilded border, with the window dressed in floral vinyl.

Retail Signage Calvin Klein Logo
Retail Signage Calvin Klein Digital Signage Boxes

We created a highly bespoke design for Calvin Klein, building just under 200 handmade retro TV boxes, each holding a 22" monitor, for six flagship stores across Europe.

Each collection of boxes was controlled by a single BrightSign media player connected to an HDMI splitter which sent the feed to each box. 

Using this technique, we could install multiple collections of boxes requiring just one power point per box, and a single Ethernet port to connect the Brightsign media player to our Enterprise Network.

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