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We create imaginative and fun animations and graphics – integrating creative ideas and bringing measurable results. Why not try something a little more out of the ordinary?

Freehand’s talented team of experienced designers and animators have been working in-house at our head office in Surrey for over 25 years to create innovative and creative animations and graphics  from 2D images to 3D realistic product renders, for our clients here and internationally. 

Light and Shadow

Animation, infographics, and motion graphics can bring your information to life in new and exciting ways, and working with an animation agency such as Freehand...

  • Gives you complete control over the creative process in a way live film can’t – we can create unique, bespoke characters and animation that will leave a lasting impression


  • Provides peace of mind that we will take your original concept and idea and turn it into an animated film that grabs your audience’s attention, using a range of clever techniques and skills


  • Offers you a wide range of choices about the look and feel you require for your film – from creative 2D animation for example, to a more polished professional look using motion graphics and CGI 


  • Allows you to present abstract concepts such as statistical data, which can sometimes be perceived as a little boring, in new and exciting ways


  • Helps you to bring alternate worlds (such as the microscopic world of cell biology) to life, enabling your audience to visualise things better – which is ideal for education or the medical or scientific community

Our graphics and animation services include but are not limited to... 

  • 2D and 3D animated videos for marketing, advertising, or educational purposes


  • Virtual product renders


  • Still and animated, 2D and 3D DVD menus for authoring


  • Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

Please take a look at our Graphics and Animation Showreel below for examples of our work and we would be very happy to discuss your bespoke requirements. Why not give us a call today!

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