Digital Signage screens bring windows to life

Digital Signage Case Study Selfridges

The challenge :

Selfridges' windows have become synonymous and as famous as the store and the Oxford Street location itself. Selfridges has a history of bold art initiatives when it comes to the window designs. They form part of the Selfridge experience helping to capture the public’s attention to transform shoppers into customers.

Freehand works alongside the Selfridges Windows Design and Visual Merchandising teams to design digital signage schemes for prestige brands to bring innovation and movement into the Oxford Street windows.


The solution :

In every windows design scheme, the Selfridges team always looks to differentiate and innovative. They use technology not for technologies sake, but to enhance and communicate a message.

Working with the Selfridges team, Freehand install screens of various sizes and orientations. These are usually driven by BrightSign media players, in either a networked or stand-alone configuration. Where a network is available, Freehand are able to change the content remotely using the Freehand Cloud and internet.


The result :

Selfridges has the ability to respond immediately to offer its partners innovation in their window designs.

James Barnett, Production Manager – Creative Presentation at Selfridges comments “Digital Signage screens instore and in-window ensures our brands and partners can use their video content to promote specific messages and where necessary bring interactivity to the message. Freehand consistently works with our teams and reliably supports our designs which at times we might think impossible”.

Digital Signage Selfridges 01
Digital Signage Selfridges 02
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