Digital Signage screens replace printed POS posters

Digital Signage Case Study Game

The challenge :

To improve the method used to communicate in-store offers to customers, save money on printed POS material and during peak periods such as Black Friday and Christmas, speed up the time that it takes to get key bundle messages and competitive promotions to the store.

Historically in all 320 stores across the UK and Ireland, new deals were primarily publicised using printed materials. Therefore, a move to instore screens would improve customer communications, reduce print costs and wastage.


The solution :

Freehand designed and installed a minimum of 4 Samsung screens in each of the 320 nationwide stores.

Samsung Finance worked with Freehand and GAME to provide a flexible financing deal enabling the rollout to be accelerated and live in stores for for Black Friday, a period of high sales and promotion activity in all stores.

In each GAME store, one of the screens is positioned behind the counter and is used to showcase the latest games releases, exclusive products and events. Two screens are positioned to the front of the store and highlight special bundle offers on PS4 and XBox. Lastly, a fourth screen is in the store window mounted in a totem fixture. Depending on the location, in some high street stores Freehand used a brighter screen in this window location to overcome reflections and higher levels of ambient light.

All screens have BrightSign mediaplayers connected to the Freehand Content Management Service (CMS).


The result :

GAME now has the ability to immediately offer its customers the best deals possible using networked digital signage while also making significant savings on print costs.

Fred Prego, Marketing & Insight Director at GAME comments “Digital Signage plays a key role in improving our ability to engage with our customers and offer the best possible experience. With our fast changing market leading deals, these screens play an integral part in customers education and discovery of both physical and digital content”.

Watch our video below explaining our collaboration with Game Digital