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Engaging corporate videos which follow your digital strategy – helping your business to create and promote fresh, exciting content.

Video is a tremendously powerful medium and a corporate video is one of the most effective and efficient ways to drive traffic and interest directly to your company, to engage with your customers and employees, and to leave your competitors out in the cold.

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Corporate videos can help your business with the following:

  • Marketing – if you place corporate video at the centre of your company’s marketing campaign you can be assured of measurable results that leave other more traditional forms of media, such as print media, standing.  If you integrate your creative ideas and themes from your video into the rest of your marketing, you will end up with a consistent sales funnel as well.


  • Corporate branding – an effective and well-produced video can help you to create, promote, and then reinforce your company’s brand identity, and at the same time direct traffic to your online site etc.


  • SEO – Search engines such as Google are rewarding heavily pushed videos, and your corporate videos can have a big impact on your SEO, by helping you to be found on page one for relevant search terms. In addition, videos are increasingly used across social media and in emails. 


  • Company information – by using shorter, modular, and targeted videos hosted on your website, YouTube or a micro site, your company can focus on business objectives, deliver key messages, or provide training.

Freehand’s corporate video production services help you to reach out to your customers, investors, partners, and employees by creating stunning video content including branding, training, company announcements and employee morale and motivation.
We have over 28 years’ of corporate video production experience and are trusted by companies globally. Our resourceful and talented team can help you find technical solutions to your company’s needs – including the use of motion graphics or 360 video.
Please get in touch with our team to discuss your bespoke needs and watch our Corporate Video Production Showreel below, to see some examples of our work.
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