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360 Production

Our technically driven talented team can help you discover new and innovative ways for your audience to engage with your business.

Virtual Reality (VR) is transforming the way we experience moving image design and as your customers seek more immersive and imaginative experiences with greater levels of interaction, you will need to consider a 360-degree VR tour of your business.  


At Freehand Video Production, we specialise in crafting highly personal, stunning 360-degree virtual tours for our clients, including restaurants, hotels, real estate, showrooms, and businesses of all kinds.


A 360-degree virtual tour online gives your customers the ability to 'see inside' your business and walk around as if they were there in person. They can look up, down and side to side, can zoom in and out and navigate through a building by pointing and clicking – focusing on specific areas of interest as they go. 

VR Headset

360 video or VR videos create an immersive and memorable experience that provides the user with a feeling of “being there”.

A 360 VR video production places the user in the scene and allows them to explore the full 360 degrees.

By the way, you do not need a VR headset to view 360-degree videos – they can be viewed on any device, including mobiles, by simply scrolling or swiping across the screen to explore the entire scene.

​VR videos create an overwhelmingly positive response with the public and if you would like to discuss how we can help your company move into the exciting world of VR, please contact us

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360 Examples
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Freehand specialise in crafting stunning 360 virtual tours for restaurants, hotels, real estate, showrooms and businesses of all kinds.

A 360 virtual tour lets online customers 'see inside' your business and walk around as if they were there in person. Customers can look up, down and side to side with a full 360-degree view. They can zoom in and out, allowing them to focus on specific areas of interest and navigate their way through a building by pointing and clicking.

Here is an example of a simple Real Estate Tour

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360 virtual tours can be a fantastic addition for pre-production location services to the film and TV industry.  We can join your locations manger and stitch together a fantastic 360 tour of all your locations.

Imagine your director and DOP being able to visually see every location in detail and check angles prior to filming taking place.

In addition, we use this service in our Behind the Scenes Social Media Productions. Your audience will be completely engaged in watching a whole scene played out in 360-degrees.

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